How long does the effectivness of ANTEX last for? 

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I have bad crab grass through my couch lawn.

Is that the best product to use?


Do we sell Amdro Ant Bait to the public? 




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Whilst being a very effective treatment for ants, Antex does not get taken back to the nest to kill the queen; it is a contact killer with repelling properties

The Active Ingredient (Bifenthrin) in Antex does break down and loose effectiveness after exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

Perhaps re-treat and place the product down ant tunnel holes to take it out of contact with UV rays, or use a more potent liquid spray such as Bifenthrin Termiticide & Insecticide 1L 100g which is commercial strength (same as used by pest controllers for barrier treatments against termites).


Please click here to look at our Retail Store & Distributor Locator so you can make contact with your nearest distributor to see where they have been sending the product you require.

The distributor may also be able to get a product in with their next consignment if they don't currently have stocks available.   


Crab Grass and Clover Killer is a good product to help take crab grass out of couch lawn. It must be noted that crab grass is quiet resistant to all selective herbicides as such as our Crab Grass and Clover Killer so correct label use of product is recommended to be repeated until the unwanted weed is gone.

(Not to be used on Buffalo Lawns)


Yes we do, however we sell it for the same prices it is sold for at retailers Australia wide.  

Pick up from 99 Garling Street, O'Connor, Delivery available if required.